Enterprise Site Licensing

The Enterprise Site Licensing includes the following Professional Services:
  • Dedicated Account Manager and support staff on joint projects
  • Multi-Seat and Multi-Location Licensing
  • Support from our Research Team on joint projects

What are the additional features with Enterprise license?

Below are the additional features available with Enterprise license:

  • SSO server authentication: With Single Sign On server authentication, users will only be promoted once to enter a username and password on your website.
  • Custom login portal :Create a customized login portal with your logo.
  • Custom SLA/NDA: We will review and sign custom terms of service with you, including Service Level Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Conjoint Analysis: Allows you to predict choice behavior and make real-world decisions. MaxDiff and Discrete Choice modules aid you in forecasting, market segmentation and pricing decisions.
  • Automated FTP: Allows you to receive periodic "data dumps" or reports that SurveyAnalytics generates for any of your surveys to be uploaded to an FTP Server of your choice.
  • Advanced Quota Control: Set up weighted quota as well as quota based on responses to multiple questions and custom variables.
  • Sophisticated Reporting: Consolidate your reports and also, get advanced analysis like correlation, survey comparison and HeatMap analysis.
  • Research Tools: Get improved feedback with advanced questions like TubePulse Video Rating, HeatMap/HotSpot – Image Testing, and Van Westendorp – Price Sensitivity.
  • Enhanced JavaScript Functionality: Allows you to program advanced logic and customize the behavior using enhanced JavaScript functions.
  • Workforce: Revolutionizes the way that executives, team leaders and managers communicate with their employees and presents you with the data you need to make the best decisions for your team.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Integration: Integration option with Interactive Voice Response systems for surveys. You can directly integrate questions from IVR with questions of the survey and collect responses.
  • DES Encryptions : Advanced security option for all the custom variables by using the DES Encryption Technique.
  • Community Management: Helps you target a focus group, send it to them based on their profile data and gather viable, usable data in real time.
  • SurveySwipe: Listen and keep up with your connected customers, employees and any other panel in real- time using our mobile app. We are here to help you collect the actionable insights you need to make better, faster and stronger decisions.
  • Communities API: Access to Communities API – allowing you to perform view, create and add operations. Different calls allow you to emulate all the operations related to community management.
  • QualStorm: Schedule a live discussion on your panel and send an opt-in survey to all your members. This allows you to interact with all your panel members at the same time.
  • LifeMetrix: Gives you the ability to collect real-time information from consumers' mobile devices. LifeMetrix™ gives you access to the following data from respondents' mobile devices

How do I go about learning more about an enterprise license for my company?

Please Contact Sales, and ask about our enterprise license. One of our sales staff will give you additional details.