Survey Research

A quantitative method for collection of information from a pool of respondents by asking multiple survey questions.

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What is survey research?

In the 21st century, every organization’s eager to understand what their customers think about their products or services and make better business decisions. Research can be conducted in multiple ways but surveys are proven to be one of the most effective and trustworthy research methods. An online survey is classified as a method for extracting information about a significant business matter from an individual or a group of individuals and consists of structured survey questions that motivate the participants to respond.

A creditable survey research can give these businesses access to a colossal information bank. Organizations in media, other businesses, and even governments rely on survey research to obtain accurate data.

The traditional definition of survey research is a quantitative method for collection of information from a pool of respondents by asking multiple survey questions. This research type includes recruitment of individuals, collection, and analysis of data. It’s useful for researchers who aim at communicating new features or trends to their respondents.

Generally, it’s the primary step towards obtaining quick information about mainstream topics and conducting more rigorous and detailed quantitative research methods like surveys/polls or qualitative research methods like focus groups/on-call interviews can follow. There are many situations where this research can be conducted using a blend of both, qualitative and quantitative strategies.

How to conduct an effective survey research?

Reasons to conduct survey research

The most crucial and integral reason for conducting survey research is a collection of answers regarding definite, significant questions. These questions can be asked in multiple formats as per the target audience and the intent of the survey. Before designing a survey, every organization must figure out the objective of carrying this out so that the survey can be structured, planned and executed to perfection.

Questions that need to be on your mind while designing a survey are:

  1. The primary aim of conducting the survey.
  2. How do you plan to utilize the collected survey data.
  3. The type of decisions you plan to take on the basis of the above-mentioned points.

There are 3 very important reasons why an organization must conduct survey research.

Benefits of survey research

In case survey research is used for all the right purposes and is implemented in the right manner, marketers can benefit by gaining useful, trustworthy data that can be used to better the ROI of the organization.

Other benefits of survey research are-