Good market research is one of the important factors behind the success of any organization, no matter what the size is – be it a lean startup or a large-scale enterprise. It is necessary to analyze whether the new product or idea will be accepted by the people or not. While there are a number of ways to collect feedback, online survey app provides an easy and affordable solution….

Employee experience is considered to be the overall experience an employee has encountered, observed and felt while being a part of an organization. It encompasses of professional and personal relationships an employee builds over the years. 
These experiences shape the health of your organization. If you value customer experience in your organization then you ought to understand the importance of employee experience, because it’s your employees help you provide the right customer experience to your clients and customers. 

A custom online research panel, also known as a customer advisory panel or internet access panel is a group of pre-screened respondents who have a willingness to participate in surveys and customer feedback sessions. These members may be either direct customers of the business or potential customers or individuals who have the knowledge and the passion to participate in the panel study….

Feedback plays an important role in increasing the productivity of organizations. According to the traditional ways of doing business, feedback should be provided only at the time of the annual performance review. 
However, organizations have come a long way from being traditional, they are adapting the more intelligent ways of working and feedback is no longer a yearly affair.

How would you feel if someone asked you to talk to a bunch of trees! Well, trees are good and no less than angels, but how can you “talk” to trees? At most, you can speak to them but definitely not talk to them. It would be so much of an exercise testing mental (and physical) patience.

Survey invitation emails are one of the most common ways of distributing surveys. You embed a link to a survey in the email and request them to answer the questions.
Well, you understand why would anyone want to spend time for you unless you incentivize them with rewards? Hence, you also explain why answering the survey would help you improve your products and services, and in turn, better serve them.